From large scale land use analysis to site-specific planning, The Isaacs Group helps land owners and developers optimize the use of their land and resources and maximize the long-term success of their projects by providing an engineered approach to sustainable land planning.

At The Isaacs Group, our roots are in Civil Engineering and our approach to planning is thru an interdisciplinary approach that combines a practical understanding of local conditions and regulations to creating concept plans that bring our client’s vision into reality.

Our knowledge of zoning codes, environmental regulations, utility requirements and site topographic constraints allows us to work closely with municipal agencies to anticipate problems and expedite approval. Our firm’s land planning expertise includes everything from single and multi family residential developments to commercial, mixed use and industrial facilities.

Land Planning
Belmont Town Centre, Belmont, N.C.
TND Mixed Use development with single/multi family, retail, office and civic uses.
Land Planning
Land Planning
Successful developments thru creative vision and engineering judgment.